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It all started with a desire to breathe, to reconnect with nature, with oneself, and the need to make sense of it by sharing it.

The layout has been designed to create, upon arrival, an atmosphere conducive to letting go.

Le studio Basse saison : 130€ la nuit .
Le studio Haute saison : 160€ la nuit -  2 nuits : 300
€ -  3 nuits : 400€ - 4 nuits : 450€ - 5 nuits : 600€ - 6 nuits : 720€ - la semaine  :  850€.

Petits-déjeuners inclus.

Réflexologie plantaire 60e/100e pour 2.

Un acompte de 25% vous est demandé lors de la réservation.

Le module de réservation ne pouvant appliquer de tarifs dégressifs, la remise sera appliquée sur le complément lors du paiement sur place.

La petite maison Basse saison :180€ la nuit.
La petite maison Haute saison : 220€ la nuit - 2 nuits : 400€ - 3 nuits : 555€ - 4 nuits :700€ - 5 nuits : 825 - 6 nuits :  950

la semaine : 1100€.

Petits-déjeuners inclus.

Réflexologie plantaire 60e/100e pour 2.

Un acompte de 25% vous est demandé lors de la réservation.

Le module de réservation ne pouvant appliquer de tarifs dégressifs, la remise sera appliquée sur le complément lors du paiement sur place.





Basse saison : du 15 Octobre au 15 Mai. Haute saison : Du 16 Mai au 14 Octobre. Du 20 au 31 décembre.

Remise appliquée lors du paiement sur place.

Why Adret du Bois?

The adret is the side of the valley which benefits from the longest exposure to the sun. In Old French, "adret" means in the right place . In l'Adret du Bois, no matter where you are, between the unobstructed view of the rolling countryside, the lively pastures or the imposing trees, you have come to the right place.

Everything invites calm, relaxation and contemplation. The soothing panorama is there to remind you that time is yours.

Where to find us?


The rooms are at the end of a country lane, the old path that led to the quarries, behind a wrought iron gate, at the top of a rise hidden from prying eyes.


L'adret du bois is located at 1435 chemin des Carrières in Sames, in the Basque country.

30 km from Biarritz airport, 60 km from Pau airport, 150 from Bordeaux airport.

Or, 25km from Bayonne station, Dax, 50km from Euskotren (Hendaye).



When the passion for decoration and therapy meet.


Virginie, passionate about Chinese medicine, foot reflexologist, manual therapy practitioner for over 12 years, helps people become aware of their healing potential.

Charlotte, an inveterate bargain hunter, unbeatable on the 50s and 70s, harmonizes, optimizes and highlights the places.

Billie, cross Border X according to the SPA, comes from the Landes. She is attentive and delicate, she particularly likes to do nothing in the sun.

Beltxa (black in Basque) is a pure local product, a happy blend of Beauceron and Border, saved from a chain, is not only the caretaker of the place, he is also Monsieur Câlins.


Quant au reste de l'équipe, N’ayant ni notre brevet mécanique ni celui de pilotes de tracteurs en pente, on a dû embaucher des paysagistes hautement qualifiées pour entretenir l’éclat de nos pâtures  … 

Voici nos manechs des montagnes de Saint Engrace et, nos chèvres naines nées au pays basque.

Sans oublier le staff propreté renforcée: la bande des 6 poules qui, accessoirement nous pondent des supers œufs frais chaque matin pour le petit-déjeuner ...



Each room has its independent entrance. The small house and the studio are a few steps from our home.




Served from 7 am to 9.30 am in your room, on the large terrace with view or in the winter garden.


In Adret du Bois, we eat locally and seasonally.


Access from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

free WIFI

The rooms are equipped with WIFI.


Plantar reflexology, oil massage, private yoga lessons.


10 hectares of garden, forest, greenery and with a bowling alley.


A moment of relaxation, will you please?

We offer massages or a foot reflexology session.


Do you prefer a sporting activity?

Élise, our dedicated yoga teacher, can offer you adapted and personalized lessons.

We can also lend you bicycles.


Perhaps you'd rather roam the countryside or head out to the coast in a convertible? We rent you a BMW Z3 roadster.


Do you want to book the terrace, the swimming pool, the kitchen… For a photo shoot, a filming, a presentation, a table d'hôte? It is also possible.  

We also present the surroundings to give you ideas for visits. 



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